BlueSeed Holdings' Circles

Peer Groups & Business Networks

Circle of Single Family Offices

BlueSeed's founder, Sean Chan, represents his family's family office fund, namely VESCO Investments, in the Circle of Single Family Offices, aka CSFO as a fellow family office executive and advisor. He is also an independent advisor of various multi-billion dollar family offices in Singapore, Dubai, Bahamas, BVI, and Cayman Islands. Hence, BlueSeed Holdings is a direct sponsor and founder of CSFO since July 2020. CSFO is a private invite-only peer-to-peer support network of fellow single family offices from around the world. Common activities may include (not limited to):

  • Networking and social activities for single family Office executives

  • Exploring and collaborating on potential joint ventures and partnerships

  • Review co-investment and sponsored investment opportunities

  • Share due diligence resources and intelligence insight

  • Learn about succession and legacy planning

  • ... and any other topics that are of interest to its members.

For more information about the Circle of Single Family Offices, please click here.

BlueSeed's Investment Banking Circle

BlueSeed’s Investment Banking Circle, beginning in July of 2021, is a network of investment bankers, brokers and intermediaries that allows its members to share deal flow with each other. Members solicit interest from other members to collaborate on deals for successful closings in respect to, but not limited to, financial transactions such as:

  • Private placements including PPPs (i.e., Private Investment in Public Equity), LP (limited partnership) investments, equity, debt or other specialty financing options

  • PIPEs (i.e. Public-Private Partnerships) transactions or other similar private investments into government-sponsored initiatives and projects

  • M&A transactions and investments into and/or sponsorships of SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations)

  • Public capital markets transactions such as IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) or pre-IPOs and RTOs (Reverse Takeovers)

  • Divestment or purchases of tangible and/or intangible assets and IPs (intellectual properties)

  • Capital transfer methods

  • Structuring, advisory, and monetization of banking instruments

  • Offshoring services and other related asset restructuring solutions

For more information, if you are interested to join our Investment Banking Circle, please click here.