BlueSeed Holdings' Mandates

Direct Independent Partnerships

BlueSeed Holdings is directly compensated, generally as an independent referral partner, by its consortium of private and/or institutional single and multi-family offices, lenders, and investment groups upon a referred successfully financed/invested transaction. Working directly with various buy-side mandates means BlueSeed is able to pick and choose only the most appropriate deals that fit well with each of our buy-side principal's objectives and risk appetites. 

Working Capital, Refinance, M&A, Bridges, Real Estate, Venture, PO/AR-based, Securities-based, Film, Sovereign Debt etc.

Differing Grants Options for Companies.

Offshore Structures & Incubation of Emerging Fund Managers.

Value-add developed income-generating properties & Cash flow positive companies

Monetization Banking Instruments issued by Tier 1 Banking Institutions.

Primarily fund of funds mandate, pre-IPO unicorns, and private equity and infrastructure projects investments.

OTC Desk, Digital Assets-based Loans, Metaverse Advisory, Concierge Service for NFT and Token Projects and Companies