BlueSeed Holdings

Crypto-related Mandates

Includes OTC Desk, Metaverse Advisory, Concierge Service for Digital Assets, Crypto-based Loans

OTC Desk

BlueSeed works with a multitude of global OTC crypto trading desks and family offices for large crypto and can assist with OTC crypto/fiat services (minimum $500k or more), an exchange platform. Information we require include: 

Private Family Office Lender

BlueSeed has partnered directly with a large multi-billion dollar private family office group. This Crypto-Currency Loan product is structured similarly to a loan against a CD. 

General Features of the Loan Program

Crypto-Currency Coins or Tokens placing in the top 100 of marketable coins on major Exchanges. All coins, tokens and smaller cap coins or tokens will be considered on a case by case basis that are well established and not in their initial offering period. They must either be or must be convertible into BTC, ETH, USDT or USDC. 

3 to 7 days including the first tranche of funds depending on the client and their expeditious manner.

Common Indicative Crypto-Currency Loan Terms