BlueSeed Holdings' Other Services

Proprietary and Customized Services

Corporations or funds with an objective to raise capital and wishes to retain BlueSeed on a project basis to assist in the preparation and/or review of its investment due diligence material prior to executing on its fundraising strategy. 

Corporations, funds or other business organizations that wish to retain BlueSeed to help executive on a particular financial transaction only.

Assistance in capital markets strategy for early stage SMEs to IPO. Advising on capital requirements, investment structure, and implementing an investor relations strategy etc.

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

We at BlueSeed pride ourselves for total transparency to ensure long-term relationships with all parties.

Compensation Disclaimer

BlueSeed Holdings is a service corporation. As a result, while we are flexible towards alternative compensation arrangements, we generally generally regard a regular monthly retainer as a retainer of our dedicated time for your required service as a cost of business. As for success fees, because such a retainer is paid, the total of retainer + success fees as a total % of the transaction shall be agreeably lesser than industry standard. This way, not only are we able to pay full attention to completing your transaction, the client too pays a lower total cost of transaction than otherwise paid by industry standard. 

Compliance Disclaimer

All parties involved in our transactions should generally be of accredited and/or sophisticated status. Proof of accredited status typically includes a signed declaration of accreditation, proof of funds or assets, and due diligence on source of funds (i.e. a KYC process). Asset providers must provide proof of experience, proof of ownership of relevant intellectual property or assets, and/or others depending on the nature of the transaction, and agree to work with us during our due diligence process of any potential asset provider. As for OTC transactors, both parties must provide proof of capital and/or assets (depending on the type of OTC transaction), and work with us to help us to conduct due diligence to ensure clean source of such capital and/or assets. All parties must agree to abide be international regulations and standards of anti-money laundering practices and rules.   

Risk and Liability Disclaimers

Our retainer is an engagement fee that ensures that we conduct full due diligence on all parties to ensure that any transaction is compliant and risk-mitigated. We present our due diligence information to all parties to ensure all parties are comfortable with entering any transaction. If during our due diligence process we see serious red flags from one of the parties to the transaction of interest, we reserve the right to terminate a transaction and/or relationship with such a party before a transaction is completed.