BlueSeed Holdings' Buy-Side Mandates

Offshore Setup Services

Offshore Entity

We help clients to setup offshore corporate entities in your preferred tax-friendly jurisdiction.

Offshore Banking

We help clients to setup offshore bank accounts, ensuring international compliance while meeting each client's specific needs. 

Cross-Border Transactions

We assist with complex transactions and setting up of SPVs or similar that involve cross-border investment and business activities.

Target Clients

Licensed Jurisdictions


Typical Tax Exemptions

Each entity’s offshore tax-jurisdiction may differ.

Offshore Setup Services

BlueSeed is acting as an independent advisor/introducer to select licensed multi-billion dollar multi-family offices (MFOs). We pre-qualify, introduce, and assist clients in the setup process, and upon setting up the corporate entity in a select tax haven or tax-friendly jurisdiction, if requested, to provide ongoing management services to the client offshore entity.

An offshore holding entity's assets can include both non-liquid assets (such as shares of private operating businesses, loans and bonds, shares of listed exchange-traded penny stocks or micro-cap stocks, real estate, fixed assets, cars and antiques and luxury assets, inventory of precious metals) and liquid assets (such as cash, money market assets , liquid shares of listed exchange-traded securities, liquid marketable debt securities, government treasuries maturing within one year or actively traded in the secondary market, mutual funds holdings, exchange traded funds or ETFs). We employ a variety of asset management platforms, including  funds, trusts, managed accounts and special purpose investment vehicles, to manage private client assets.

A multi-family office is a custodian of assets to administratively manage offshore vehicles, hence we are agnostic to banking and custodian relationships, preferred insurance provider for asset wrapping (if any but should be institutional grade), audit firms (usually the 'big five' or other institutional audit firm), legal council, or accountants services (if any).

Our teamed up unique multi-family office platform provides tax-exempt structures for protection of your assets within a fully regulated and compliant environment. Our comprehensive and personal relationships with family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals allow us to design a plan for the long term, while recognizing that being strategically flexible can help to manage risk. We begin by understanding each client’s profile and determining their asset objectives. We then systematically design a fund structure that meets their objectives, researching and selecting appropriate investment vehicles, monitor, and clearly report on each client’s fund’s assets and operations on a regular basis.

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