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Who We Are:

BlueSeed Holdings Inc. is a private corporate finance advisory firm.  We believe that finding solutions for our clients is both a science and an art, and work both meticulously and creatively to meet both our partners' and customers’ objectives.

Sean Chan

Director & Founder of BlueSeed Holdings Inc. 

Sean has more than 16 years of experience in corporate finance and family office industries, of which his most recent 5 years of C-level (CEO, CFO, CSO) experience at multiple companies. His humble corporate career began by working for a Singaporean single-family office spanning investment strategies in the capital markets, real estate, and alternative investments. He has been directly involved in more than $1.5 billion of investment and business transactions to date. 

Sean founded the Circle of Single Family Offices (CSFO) in 2020 and is also currently a member of a few invite-only family office and investment banking groups.  

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