BlueSeed Holdings

Commercial Loans

BlueSeed Holdings directly originates debt financing from our a consortium  of international private and institutional family offices, lenders, and investment groups by ensuring a match with their particular lending mandates. BlueSeed is compensated  either directly by our lenders or our borrowing clients upon a successful transaction. We strive to understand the particular financing requirements of each lender (by requesting a summary of their particular funding mandates) and profile of each lendee (via filling of a detailed and suitable KYC questionnaire) before referring parties to one another to ensure a fit and successful transaction. We can handle loan sizes from USD $1 million to $800 million (or equivalent currency value). Our lenders prefer direct deals rather than funding SPVs, intermediary platforms, or the like. 

Industries Covered

Generally, industry agnostic but will require necessary licensing for highly regulated industries such as energy and nuclear energy, cannabis, wealth management and finance etc. 

Target Clients

Geographies Covered

Most first world countries, of particular interest are North America (Canada & US), United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore.

Loan Types

Requirements by Category (not limited to) - Highlights

BlueSeed has access to a few hundred debt funds and other investment holding companies. Below is a select few investors which we work with, and their respective mandate and requirements. If your company does not fit the below criteria, please reach out directly to us and we would have be more than happy to discuss what options are available! 

Cash Flow based Loan

A US-based lender has partnered with BlueSeed Holdings to provide loans of between $25k USD to $10M USD against ARR (i.e. annual recurring revenue) of a company. To-date, the company has provided $1.6B+ to 3,000+ borrowing firms, creating a total runway of 5,000+ months at a one-time financing cost of 7-10%. The firm is able to expand on funding as the borrowing entity scales its revenue overtime. Requirements include:

Financing Use cases can include: 

Mining Assets (gold focused) based Loans

A US-based lender has partnered with BlueSeed Holdings to provide a low-interest loan against between 5% to 20% LTV of "measured resource", "measured reserves", or "proven reserves" of gold  (NOT "inferred resource", or "indicated resource") in US, Canada or Australia as long as there is  an updated 43101 or SK1300 or JORC report. The lender can either:

(1) acquire the mine and lease back,

(2) provide a loan with a lien on the asset on and/or 

(3) refinance existing debt. 

Our partnering lender can provide a loan from $5m up to $500m++. Terms also depend on the complexity of collateral, geography and structure of the mine and corporation.

Purchase Order Loans

Several international lenders, with a particular focus on US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Singapore borrowers. Up to 90% LTV and a loan size minimum of $500k (annualized value) and up. We require a review of an engaged and executed purchase order agreement including revenue model and revenue value of this PO, and also an executive summary (if needed) of the client providing the PO (i.e. an understanding of the financial strength of the corporate client via either financial statements or other equivalent, or a financial instrument to protect payment terms of the PO issued by an investment-grade banking institution. LTV percentage depends primarily on the financial strength of the customer, payment terms and revenue model of the PO.

Real Estate or Infrastructure Development Financing (greenfield projects)

Several global debt funds and family offices providing a minimum loan of $1m and up. Up to 70% LTV of appraised upon-completion value of project, with an appraisal report completed by an accredited institution in the last 6 months. Sponsor background and track record brochures and information are required, alongside pitch deck of the proposed project. Other information required include: 

Working Capital Loans and Bridge Loans or similar

Multiple lenders worldwide. Minimum loan size of $200k. Typically for cash flow positive companies, calculated as 33% of last fiscal year's annual net income; if cash flow negative companies, then typically up to 20% of ARR (annual recurring revenue) or up to 15% of non-ARR. Loan sizes can vastly increased if the business case is strong i.e. proof of larger contracts or purchase orders, or other strong business case. Documents required include:

Listed Securities based Loans

Listed Securities with at least $50M market capitalization (higher market caps enjoy 80% or higher LTVs, and lower market caps come with lower 40% to 60% LTVs). We need ticker symbol of said company. Alongside, we also need the following information: 

Film Financing

A US based lender that provides loans at a 70% to 90% LTV against sole distribution contracts (40% to 60% LTV against non sole distribution contracts), up to 90% LTV against tax credits, and 50% LTV against sales estimates. Target film budgets between $5M to $50M whose producer has a track record of completing film on budget and on time and has at least 15 years worth of a production track record. We will also need to see a pitch deck of the film of interest and its secured acting talent.

Types of Lenders