Circle of Single Family Offices



Circle of Single Family Offices, aka CSFO, is a private invite-only peer-to-peer support network of fellow single-family offices from around the world. Common activities may include (not limited to):

•Networking and social activities for single family Office executives

•Exploring and collaborating on potential joint ventures and partnerships

•Review co-investment and sponsored investment opportunities

•Share due diligence resources and intelligence insight

•Learn about succession and legacy planning

•... and any other topics that are of interest to its members.

We are a platform of single-family offices, by single-family offices, and for single-family offices. Hence, single-family offices members can elect committees from CSFO’s existing member base into various groups and onto the overarching Membership Committee who shall work directly work with the management team of CSFO.

(Official website will be launched soon)

Problems We Solve


Many family office organizations try to stretch their bottom line by allowing intermediaries to join, thus becoming a source of noise for many family offices that prefer direct investment deal flow.

Capital Requests

Family offices also end up being bombarded continuously by many organizations for funding, thus are not able to easily filter the noise for good deal flow.

Privacy Issues

As a result of many family offices being surrounded by both direct and indirect capital requests, family offices find it hard to keep their privacy as some of these capital seekers unethically use family office names on their deal’s traction.

CSFO's Value Proposition

Collaborative Discussions

Collaborative Discussions, Resource Sharing, Joint Ventures, and Co-Investments.

A peer to peer network of single family offices that engage collaboratively to discuss topis of interest, share resources and due diligence intelligence, and engage in projects and investments together.

Community Voting

Family Office Community Voting on Collaborative Mandates, Group Purchases, and Community-led Forums.

Members are able to engage in group-level thematic investments and projects, amass significant to buy into highly exclusive deals, and co-lead discussion forums to discuss matters that are of top concern to family offices.

Community Elected

Community-elected Expert-led Professional Presentations.

Members will vote on what kinds of expert-led presentations to hear, for the benefit of the group, and will lead the events that will be presented to the Circle.