BlueSeed Holdings' Buy-Side Mandates

Multi-Family Office Advisory: An Overview

We understand that affluent individuals and families with significant assets undoutedly will be endowed with financial complexity, hence protection of assets will always require a custom solution that combines both multi-generational capital preservation and tax-efficient asset and income strategies. With the help of with our teamed up multi-family office (MFO), we provide comprehensive wealth management, trust, and financial planning by working with our in-house professionals in conjunction with your preferred (or our suggested) legal, financial, and investment professionals. We take into account each family’s unique requirements and carefully create a custom plan to fulfill your requirements.

Tax Shelter Objectives

Tax Exemptions

Offshore investment and asset holding vehicles that the MFO sets up and manages offers 0% on differing tax, allowing for a shelter against corporate income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance or wealth transfer tax on your assets and assets' income.

Privacy of Ownership of Assets

Personal security of of the Patriarch(s) of assets can be an important consideration, especially when wealth information should not be easily available to dangerous personnel – alongside other equally important reasons. The structure holding such assets should therefore reflect this need when specially requested by the client. If specially requested, we can create a custom life insurance vehicle within the family office structure to ensure privacy is upheld for the patriarch.

Other Objectives

Asset Management objectives are generally multi-fold. These other generations can be of equal importance and they include:

  • Maintaining compliance with international laws while ensuring optimized tax structure and privacy of asset ownership

  • Shifting of liability of ownership from that of personal liability into a licensed and custom-structured, professionally managed entity

Services Provided:

Succession and Estate Planning

We understand that succession and estate planning is crucial to preserving and growing wealth that has been grown and managed over multiple generations. Ensuring a legacy for the family is very important to us, and hence we will take a careful, deliberative, and collaborative approach to protection. Services we provide include:

  • Ongoing trust management

  • Development of an effective succession plan

  • Family governance over their assets

  • Wealth transfer advice

  • Next generation wealth management advisory

Corporate Governance

Accountability and proper governance go hand-in-hand to create and build trust with the family assets we manage. We believe the growth of our multi-family office grows primarily by maintaining the trust of families. Our team of professionals will provide the following which include:

  • Regular aggregated reporting: balance sheet preparation, tax preparation, audits

  • Legal & accounting coordination

  • Financial planning and budgeting

  • Asset administration and executory services

Asset Management

Management of operating business and execution and/or allocation of other illiquid and liquid assets. Each mandate is therefore customized to the unique assets of each client. Services we provide include:

  • Advising, operating, and/or representing operating business asset interests, decisions, and/or activities.

  • Executing other non-bankable assets depending on the specific requirements of the mandate

  • Allocating capital for the client's custom investment mandate which fits their particular risk profile and performance goals, keeping in mind their succession and estate planning goals.