BlueSeed Holdings' Buy-Side Mandates

General Family Office Advisory: Investment Interests

BlueSeed Holding's founder namely Sean Chan has ongoing discussions with multiple single and multi-family offices, ultra high net worth individuals, investments groups and offices about the latest investment trends and their investment mandates, understanding how their mandates adapt with the times alongside their core investment principles. We begin by first conducting a basic KYC on their background and history, alongside their means of wealth generation past or presently ongoing, so that we have a deep understanding of their investment philosophies.

From our understanding to date, her are their primary investment interests (kindly note that the below list is updated from time to time):

Real Estate

  • Between 70% to 90% direct debt for commercial real estate projects value

  • Minimum cash yield of 6% or more with a history of stable revenue

  • Equity purchase of multi-family apartments

  • Locations of interest include UK, US, Canada, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, HK

  • Minimum transaction size of USD $5million and up


  • Stable/growing revenues

  • Minimum of $1M EBITDA in their latest fiscal year end

  • Valuations that are at least USD $15M and up.

Private Equity and Pre-IPOs

Trading and Monetization of Debt Securities