BlueSeed Holdings

Financial Instrument Monetization and Mega Remittances

Including SBLCs and MTNs, DTC and IPIP respectively

Partner Overview

BlueSeed has partnered directly with direct receivers and monetizers who include an extremely prominent South East Asian and US-based family office. Over the past few centuries, the SEA family has accumulated significant equity in tier 1 Asian banking institutions and tightened their direct relationships with international government bodies alongside multiple governmental regulatory and financial institutions. If done via the SEA family office, all financial transactions must be able to be cleared via MAS (Monetary Authorities of Singapore), if via the US-based family offices, all finance transactions must be compliant with SEC guidelines and securities laws.

Bank Instrument Monetization

  • All bank instruments, including SLBCs and MTNs, must be issued by a tier-1 internationally recognized financial and banking institution.

  • Minimum monetization value of USD $10million

Mega Funds Transfers

  • Smallest funds transfer was USD $10 million, and largest to date by the direct receiver was USD $800 trillion.

Documents Required for IPIP must include at least one of:

1. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Statement

2. Master Bank Statement

3. Monthly Bank Statement