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Securities Financing

A. Securities Loans

Our Direct Partnerships

BlueSeed has direct relationships with a select number of securities-based financiers who compliment each other; each of these lender's primary office is either based in Hong Kong, the US, the British Virgin Islands or other global locations. We thoroughly understand the mandate of each securities lender which we enter into a direct relationship with to ensure ongoing successful closings.

If you own liquid, publicly traded stock(s) on any (qualified) major stock exchange worldwide, we can likely provide the financing you need typically within 1-2 weeks., depending on the suitable lender we choose for the particular deal.

We typically fund between USD $1million to USD $800 million (and larger financing sizes are syndicated from our network of securities financiers). Funding may be executed in tranches as the size of each tranche depends on the average trading volume value of the stock that is used as collateral, the lender of the lendee's choice and/or on suitability in respect to the lendee's special profile and/or requirements.

How BlueSeed helps Potential Lendees

When a financing deal comes to us, we collect all relevant information about the lendee and the financing deal as a due diligence first step. Once we have completed a KYC, we would comb through our network of securities lenders to determine which lender(s) is suitable to the lendee's particular profile and/or requirements. We then facilitate the introduction and discussions until a deal is successfully closed.

Documents/Information Required to Begin:

  • Account Statement or Shares Certificate (to prove that we are dealing with the direct principal lendee)

  • Stock Name

  • Market and Stock Exchange name

  • Average Daily Trading Volume in USD

  • Company Activity (i.e. business summary)

  • Amount Required in USD

  • Preferred LTV (loan-to-value)

  • Number of Shares Held (which can be used as collateral)

  • Custodian Name (current) and location

  • Preferred Interest Rate

  • Preferred Term of Loan

  • Ticker/Stock symbol

Lendee Profile

Lendees that qualify are:

  • Executives of listed companies who are willing to use shares they own as collateral.

  • Family Offices, Funds, ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) who already own stocks and wish to use these as collateral.

  • Funds, trusts or other investment vehicles that have long-term holding positions on stocks and need liquidity.

Financing Requirements

  • Generally direct stocks only.

  • Must be traded in a qualified stock exchange (see below).

  • Must be actively traded and non-restricted.

  • Minimum 6 months trading history unless is an ultra-unique case.

  • Minimum average trading volume value that exceeds USD $50,000

  • Minimum equivalent market capitalization of USD $100million or more

  • Market capitalization below USD $100 million are usually at 40% to 50% LTV, while those above USD $100 million are usually at 65% to 80% LTV (and up to 90% if the collateral is a blue chip stock).

Qualified Stock Exchanges

We cover ALL worldwide stock exchanges EXCEPT the following 'troubled' countries (list is not exhaustive):

Sanctioned Countries:

Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Congo, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Zimbabwe

Bankrupt Nations:

Ukraine, Greece, Venezuela, Belarus, Argentina, Jamaica, Belize, Zimbabwe

Conflict Countries:

Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Mexico, Turkey, Somalia, Maghreb Region and Sahel Region, Iraq, Libya

Interested to see if you qualify for a securities loan? Please fill up the following KYC questionnaire:

B. Securities Lending

BlueSeed indirectly represents Bear Stearns, offering their "Share Lending Program" (minimum $3,000,000, no maximum) where shareholders lend their stock for fixed periods to earn income: 1yr-8%, 2yrs-9%, 3yrs-10%, 4yrs-11%, 5yrs-12%. Principal and interest are fully guaranteed. Shareholders continue to receive all dividend income which provides very good combined annual returns.