BlueSeed Holdings

Commercial Loans

Film and Television-Based Loans

While Motion Picture production is thought of as being especially risky, there are ways of hedging this risk. This financing program arranges a successfully-hedged investment that presents the possibility of high-level returns, while at the same time minimizing down-side risk.

Documents required include film budget report, film script, resumes. The borrower may also include more information and documents as may be deemed reasonable to consider above and beyond what is mentioned herein.

Loan Conditions

Locations Available:

Worldwide (This Lender is U.S. based and follows U.S. Laws and transacts only in U.S. Dollars.)

Eligible Projects:

  • Motion Picture Productions

  • Television Productions

  • A Slate of Productions

Loan Limits & Amount:

$1 Million USD to $36 Million USD

Interest Rate:

Prime + no more than 4%


Film cannot contain excessive sex or violence.


100% of the Principal Amount must be backed by bankable pre-sales, cash, Letters of Credit, and government incentives and rebates

Equity Ownership:

60% - Producer or nominee; 40% - Arranger


  • Borrower maintains 60% of the project

  • Production Loan will be made available for a period of up to 24 months from date of first drawdown

  • Principal Loan amount will mature and become due in its entirety within 36-60 months from date of first advance of funds

Loan Costs

Money Down:

20% Letter of Credit

Upfront Loan Costs:

Approximately 3% in underwriting. Typically 2% of that is out-of-pocket for the borrower

Upfront Fees:

Upfront Refundable Retainer Fee of approximately $3,500.*

*This program is offered through one of our trusted Arranging Sources based out of New York City. This source does charge a fully refundable, up-front Retainer Fee in order to engage the lender that offers this loan option. This source is A+ rated with the BBB for over 20 years. Their retainer is 100% refundable if no offer is made by the lender or if the terms agreed to are different from the terms offered.

Closing Costs:

Producer Equity Commitment: 20% against total project costs