BlueSeed Holdings' Sell-Side Mandates

Direct Independent Partnerships

Sponsored Businesses

GenEos Holdings

GenEos Holdings is a sustainability, green, and impact focused holding company that employs a perpetual, single family office structure (balancing capital preservation, growth opportunities, and legacy projects). GenEos aims to become the largest (measured primarily by revenue) multi-national sustainability and impact focused conglomerate (a multi-generational business legacy in the likes of Nestle) known primarily for its investments and (subsequent) acquisitions, executive directorship and management, and R&D financing of ultra-disruptive next-generation clean energy production and storage technologies, sustainability and social impact projects. Combining the Berkshire and Nestle models, we aim to purchase assets to build and integrate into our green, sustainability and impact ecosystem and supply chain. GenEos’ vision is to initiate a new Industrial Revolution of Infinite Energy for a post-modern human civilization, pushing towards a Type II Human Civilization and more.

IPO Advisory

BlueSeed has independently partnered with an advisory business whose founders have a track record of assisting more than 400 companies to date to IPO. Our partnering company has a team of capital markets professionals and business-builders who have an established international track record that continues to transition private companies to public and list on regulated stock exchanges with global recognition. For more information, please click here.

Pre-IPO Unicorn Investment Opportunities

BlueSeed has independently partnered with an SEC compliant fund manager that has an established history of deploying SPVs (special purpose vehicles) that invest in pre-IPO unicorn companies when available shares inventory has been provided to the fund manager.

Investment Funds & Structured Products

BlueSeed has independently partnered with a 5th generation family office that is licensed with the Cayman and Bahamas financial authorities. Investment strategies include: Sports betting algorithm, Real estate fund, PE fund, Themed Discretionary Strategies, and an Accelerator for start-ups.

Other Investment Opportunities...

Not limited to:

  • SMEs that have at least 5 years of a stable or growing revenue-producing history with a unique proposition and at a pivotal point of high growth.

  • Emerging fund managers that have at least a 15 year strong track record professionally and looking to raise their first or initial fund(s).