BlueSeed Holdings

M&A Mandates

Business Acquisition

M&A Fund Overview

The company is a privately held, entrepreneurial investment firm with a focus on acquiring and running a small to medium sized business in North America. We are generally looking only to acquire a controlling stake in a stable company with a track history of profitability. We provide an excellent exit alternative for business owners who are considering retirement or taking a significantly reduced role in daily operations. We differ from traditional strategic or PE buyers as we offer a unique combination of capital and financial flexibility and management expertise.

Acquisition or Majority-buyout Criteria

Companies that qualify to be potentially bought by the fund are:

  • US or Canadian companies

  • Revenue must be recurring and/or SaaS-like and growing revenue with predictive sales revenue.

  • EBITDA between $1M to $5M as of the last financial year

  • EBITDA margin of 30% or higher and steady growth or stable EBITDA margin

  • Business is not founder-centric i.e. does not depend on the special profile or special relationships or special resources of the founder(s) of the company

  • Industries of interest include Software, Tech Enabled Services, Business Support Services, Healthcare, Education, Specialized Logistics and Distribution, and any other areas with attractive industry dynamics.

  • Preference for marketplace-like or platform-like business and hence not founder-dependent

  • Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Good diversification of client revenue with no large concentration of client or client revenue

  • Valuations generally between $10M up to $80M CAD.

Real Estate

An Overview

We are directly in touch with several single-family offices wishing to purchase income-generating real estate in North America.


  • Valuations generally between $10M up to $150M USD.

  • Minimum cap rate of 3% (net operating income / purchase price of asset) with value-add opportunity to increase cap rate potentially to 5% or more.

  • Preferably current occupancy rate at 60% to 80%

  • Commercial real estate (tenancy-type focused such as shopping malls or shopping complexes, wineries, data centers etc. we are NOT interested in warehouses or the like.) and for-rent residential assets such as student housing, senior homes, apartment-for-rent etc