BlueSeed Holdings

Commercial Loans

BlueSeed Holdings directly originates debt financing from our a consortium of international private and institutional family offices, lenders, and investment groups by ensuring a match with their particular lending mandates. BlueSeed is compensated either directly by our lenders or our borrowing clients upon a successful transaction. We strive to understand the particular financing requirements of each lender (by requesting a summary of their particular funding mandates) and profile of each lendee (via filling of a detailed and suitable KYC questionnaire) before referring parties to one another to ensure a fit and successful transaction. We can handle loan sizes from USD $1 million to $800 million (or equivalent currency value). Our lenders prefer direct deals rather than funding SPVs, intermediary platforms, or the like.

Industries Covered

Generally, industry agnostic but will require necessary licensing for highly regulated industries such as energy and nuclear energy, cannabis, wealth management and finance etc.

Financial Requirements

  • Sponsor or borrower must either provide proof of sufficient liquid capitalization or have at least $1M in annual EBITDA (no ‘pure’ startups)

  • Typically at least 20% of liquidity available or up to 50% of net income available to service loan interest payments. If the borrower is a non-real estate and operating company, and not cash flow positive, at least USD $8M in annual revenue.

Target Clients

  • Private and Public Corporations

  • Single family offices

  • Ultra-high net worth individuals

  • Privately owned foundations and trusts

  • Investment Funds

Geographies Covered

Most first world countries, of particular interest are North America (Canada & US), United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore.

Loan Types

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • Invoice Factoring

  • PPE Financing

  • Refinancing

  • Film Loans

  • Construction and Development of real estate • Asset Backed Loans

  • Venture loans to VC-backed US and China based companies

  • Working or Growth Capital

  • Bridge Loans

  • SaaS-based, Revenue based and Venture Loans

  • Listed Securities Lending or Listed Securities-based Loan

  • Management Buyouts

  • Sovereign Debt Instruments

  • Infrastructure Financing

  • Share buybacks

  • Pre-funding for sale of non-core assets

  • ESOP financing

  • Minority recapitalisation

  • Credit Tenant Lease financing

  • Stock buyback Exporting Loans and Lines of Credit

  • Franchise Financing

  • Acquisition Loan for Leveraged Buyouts

Acceptable Collateral and LTVs

  • Liquid Assets i.e., cash collateral (up to 70% LTV)

  • Hard Assets such as land, real estate, equipment, inventory etc. (up to 70% LTV)

  • For the film industry, sole distribution contracts with deposit (70% to 90% LTV), sales estimates (20% to 50% LTV), and tax credits (up to 90% LTV)

  • Purchase order, account receivables, invoices (up to 90% LTV)

  • Working capital loan and bridge loan: income statements for past 3 years o For M&A, proof of equity cash down payment plus and historical income of acquiree

  • Listed Securities with at least $50M market capitalization (higher market caps enjoy 80% or higher LTVs, and lower market caps come with lower 40% to 60% LTVs)

Documents Required

  • Executive summary or pitch deck of the business (including economic outlook and analysis, value proposition, traction to date, capital required, objective of capital raise, distribution for use of raised capital)

  • Types of collateral available, including objective reports for value of collateral and description of collateral

  • Past 3 fiscal years of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements certified by accountant (or audited statements if >$10M in annual revenue)