BlueSeed Holdings' Corporate Finance Advisory

Finance Officer for Hire (Sell-Side & Buy-Side)

Finance Officer for Hire (Sell-Side)

Retained Responsibilities typically include:

(Depending on the negotiated retainer and needs of the company)

A. Financial Strategy and Revenue Model of the Business

  1. Developing and/or modifying pricing strategy where necessary

  2. Preparing and/or implementing budgeting and capital strategies for go-to-market plans, and any financing needed to support such plans

  3. Ongoing review and advise on financial statement drafts before finalization and audit to ensure the financial ‘story’ is aligned

  4. Developing and revising 12 month financial strategies and milestones on an ongoing basis

B. Financial Risk Management

  1. Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry

  2. Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements

  3. Construct and monitor reliable financial control systems

  4. Maintain appropriate insurance coverage

  5. Report risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors

  6. Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations

C. Fundraising advisory, assistance and/or implementation duties

    1. Provide advise on investment structures relative to the specific needs of the company

    2. Preparation, review, and update of all due diligence documents and customized investor data rooms . This includes

a. Market Research: Preparing market forecast models from reputable research sources and collate said useful research reports

b. If the company is in-revenue already, then consolidation of financial statements across all subsidiaries and/or sub-funds (if is a group of companies or funds)

c. Preparation of multi-scenario financial projections of balance sheet and income and cash flow statements

d. Research, analyze and prepare peer comparable table, valuation model(s), valuation pricing ratios and benchmarks

e. Reviewing and suggesting strategic changes to the structure and content of and/or drafting the investor PowerPoint presentation and executive summary

f. Cooperate with the company’s lawyer to prepare the investment memorandum, subscription agreement, and complete oversight of the capital onboarding process

    1. Participate and present the business in conference calls and meetings with potential investors and financiers, and support and/or spearhead negotiations

    2. Maintain banking relationships

    3. Represent the company with investment bankers and investors

D. Controller duties:

  1. Responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely financial information of the company and preparation of regular monthly cash flow reports to the directors.

      • Also includes banking transactions reconciliation where necessary

  1. Shareholder registry management

  2. Budgeting and expense control, account payables and receivables control

  3. Oversee financial contracts for equipment and payrolls and the like, and oversee shareholder loans and other similar financial transactions

  4. Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies

E. Treasury duties:

  1. Responsible for the company's present financial condition, deciding how to invest the company's money, taking into consideration risk and liquidity

  2. Ensuring the company has minimum cash reserves, cash reserves benchmarking, and risk of dipping of such reserves shall be reported to the board immediately or at the upcoming monthly directors’ meetings depending on the level of risk involved

  3. Oversees the capital structure of the company, determining the best mix of debt, equity, and internal financing.

Finance Officer for Hire (Buy-Side)

Retained Responsibilities typically include:

(Depending on the negotiated retainer and needs of the company)

A. Investment Strategy

  1. Engages in regular research and reading to stay apprised about the state of local and international economy, global financial markets, and general current events

  2. Maintains current knowledge about financial products available to corporate and individual clients, including bonds, stocks, investments, and trusts

  3. Review the investment strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure that its execution is aligned with the investment objectives of the said strategy

  4. Determine if the investment strategy needs to be slightly adapted, if requested, to the emergence of recent trends that may become long term trends

B. Deal Origination

  1. Pre-qualify and manage status updates of any shelved but potential investment opportunities

  2. Maintain a network of investment bankers, exempt market dealers, business agents and advisors and other similar circles where necessary

  3. Research and maintain memberships to various organizations and investment networks as they relate to private equity, angel investments, M&A, family offices etc. depending on the specific investment mandate of the fund

C. Investment Due Diligence

  1. Prepare investment due diligence requirements as customized to each unique investment opportunity and review investment data room to ensure all required information are provided as duly requested

  2. Works closely with investment analysts to assess financial information and investment opportunities

D. Deal Execution

  1. Presents investment opportunities and related analysis while pitching proposed course of action in meetings with the team

  2. Uses and evaluates complex financial models to project future earning and profit potential and uses this data to inform decisions and proposals

  3. Makes decisions about financial and investment opportunities on behalf of the fund

  4. Meets with an investment team, including analysts and other managers, to stay up-to-date about market situations and company decisions that may impact one another

E. Fund Management

  1. Develops relationships with LPs and expands LP network in professional and social settings

  2. Specializes in a particular field or industry to aspire to achieve expert level know how