BlueSeed Holdings' Corporate Finance Advisory

Custom Fundraising Services

Custom Fundraising Services

A. Due Diligence Package

(a) Executive Summary


  • Business Model and Revenue Model

  • Unique Proposition

  • Company/Project Milestones

  • Team Profiles etc.

(b) Pitch Deck

Presentation version of the Business Plan. Provide advise on structure and layout of presentation, content and method of presentation, strategy for capital raise or the like.

(c) Business Plan

Summarized version of Executive Summary, Valuation Research, Financials Documents, and Market Research.

(d) Valuation Modeling and Research


  • Valuation Model (industry specific)

  • Competition Comparables for valuation, capital raised, investment ratios etc.

(e) Financials Documents


  • Compilation of Historical Financial Data

  • Projections of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow

  • Budget Breakdown

  • Milestones financially

  • Performance ratios

(f) Market Research


  • Access to academic and institutional research databases for data

  • Market reports and articles

  • Market Projections for Size Estimates

C. Capital Formation and Funds Raising Strategies Advisory

With a retainer, we would provide custom solutions and advise to help our corporate client to complete their round, and these include:

• Develop an effective fundraising strategy for your preferred investor profile including pitches and pre-qualification criteria

• Pre-qualify and refer to our existing vast network of investors

• Co-presentation where needed to prospective investors

• Advise and guide our clients through negotiations to ensure a successful close

We understand that your company may decide to raise capital in accordance with your business’ strategy to achieve your near term goals and vision. Transactions that typically peak our interest for engagement are those greater than $5million USD. Transactions which we typically engage in include growth capital, pre-IPOs, bridge loans or mezzanine or convertible facilities for growth firms. We are not interested in startup, seed, or pre-A investment raises.